Prof. Dr. Christina Stadler

Prof. Dr. Christina Stadler

leadership START NOW

I adapted START NOW for adolescents and brought it to europe along with Professor Trestman from the USA. It was a lot of fun to support the implemention in Germany, Switzerland and Holland. The exchange of information with the START NOW trainers and the adolescents, as well as their feedbacks motivated us to expand and to further develop the program. Here’s one expample of a sentence of an adolescent in my START NOW session, which impressed me a lot: “With the tears of the past in my eyes I can’t see my future. That’s why I need new strategies, which help me NOW.” That’s where we want to support adolescents with our START NOW strategies: Slow down, Take a distande, Accept, Respect und Take Action.

It’s important for me to implement therapeutic helpful strategies in the daily routine of adolescents in order to encourage them, as well as their caregivers and promote a good relationship between them.

PD Dr. Noortje Vriends

PD Dr. Noortje Vriends

Project leadership of START NOW Prävention Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz, START NOW trainer at the Poliklinic of the KKJ UPK

Implementing START NOW 7 we work preventatively to improve the emotion regulation of adolescents in schools and youth welfare organisations. It is a great pleasure to support adolescents and adults to control their feelings. The engaged teachers and social pedagogues are great partners and they inspire me to develop START NOW even further.

In the Policlinic for kids and adolescents of the Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken (UPK) do Dr. med. von Orelli and I conduct the START NOW group with adolescents. I’m always very fascinated by the practicability of the START NOW skills  and how the adolescents use them on their way! Anne-Catherine von Orelli Anne-Catherine von Orelli

Instructor of START NOW Prävention Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz and START NOW trainer in the Poliklinic of the KKJ UPK

A healthy consciousness of the own emotional reactivity pattern is a precious property in the regulation of relationships with self and meaningful others. For me, it’s exciting to accompany the adolescents to recognize, understand and develop their emotions within the framework of START NOW.

As a START NOW Trainer I conduct groups in the Policlinic of the clinic for children and adolescents of the Universitäre Psychiatrischen Kliniken (UPK).

Furthemore do I conduct the trainer education for START NOW 7 of the Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz.

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