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The capability to regulate emotions and behave the right way in stressful and conflict-prone situations are important attributes for resilience. The competence of emotion regulation is therefore of central significance for a healthy psychological development.

START NOW stands for Slow Down, Take a Distance, Accept, Respect, Take Action. This program is a training for adolescents that teaches them these techniques. The objective is to become capaple to use these effective strategies during the transition into adulthood with all its challenges, as well as during difficult life phases in order not to loose seight of ones aims – with and in spite of emotional difficulties.


Do you often fight with your emotions? Are you missing good strategies to cope with anger, strain or disappointment? Does the behaviour of others quickly disrupt your personal balance? If you would like to know which strategies might help to tolerate stress and difficult emotions in a better way and in the meantime achieve the aims that are important for you – then you’ve come to the right place!

Institutions & Parents

Puberty involves many difficulties which give adolescents a hard time keeping a cool head and behave in a adequate manner during challenging situations. Particularly those who have experienced stress and strains during their childhood are less capable of controlling their emotions, as well as understanding the emotions of others. Cognitive-behavioral concentrated prevention programmes start here and are proven to be effective to improve beginning or existing difficulties. START NOW is an approach which instructs caregivers how to support adolescents to apply the learned strategies during their daily routine.

Become a part of START NOW


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Institutional collaboration

The START NOW initiative is being offerd in close collaboration with university and clinical institutions.