Concept & Programmes

START NOW is a skills training for girls and boys at the age of 12-18 years to improve emotion regulation. Adolescents learn how to use effective strategies in order not to lose seight of their aims because of their difficulties with emotions. This program was developed in the United States by Professor Trestman and for teenagers adapted at the University of Basel by Christina Stadler. The efficacy of START NOW was tested in a large european study in Switzerland, Germany and Holland.

START NOW exists in a full-version consisting of 18 sessions and a shorter version containing 7 sessions (START NOW 7). The objectives of the training are: to build understanding for the emergence of emotions, improvement of emotion processing and emotion regulation, learning how to handle stressful situations, facilitation of mindfulness and the conscious mode of dealing with the own needs, as well as with those of others. The full-version includes supplemental sessions which adress the emergence of adverse emotion regulation strategies and the lack of stress tolerance. Further sessions outline how to cope with specific emotions (anger, sadness, refusal). The full-version further provides methods for those teenagers which have the itch to change their behavior, but no motivation to turn into action. After the entry with START NOW 7 it’s also possible to continue with the full-version.


The Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz (www.gesundheitsfö supports the gratuitous implemention of STARTNOW in Schools and youth center in Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land from 2018 until autumn 2019. You can find further information in this flyer.

In order to provide you insight into the Workbook and the exercises which the adolescents do during the skillstraing, you can acces a section here: Workbook START NOW 7 p. 9-13.



The full-Version consists of 3 parts: my emotions, my skills and my way to achieve my goals.


Training and Supervision

Clinics, Schools, youth centres and institutions alike can book the two-day START NOW trainer education. This education includes knowledge about the implementation of the START NOW Training, as well as the the topics which you can see in the illustration on the right side. Afterwards the trained therapists, teachers and social pedagogues are able to conduct the START NOW Training locally by themselve. The KJPK as well offers Supervision sessions for the trainers. You can find further information in this Flyer.


START NOW Overview

You’ll find an overview of all the START NOW sessions (for girls) here:  START NOW Overview.