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You get to eat real food, your favorite foods, the food you buy in a grocery store or order from a restaurant and still lose weight week after week.

“All you have to do is follow the program… and I feel like it has just melted away. I’m not hungry. I eat food that I purchase at the grocery store and I could not be happier” – Rhonda

We often hear from our members that they have tried other programs that offer a personalized plan, only to find out that the plan they offer is not tailored to them or their lifestyle. Endless box meals that don’t taste very good is far from individualized.

Once they get a few weeks in and the first setback happens, they are left to figure it out on their own. You need to be able to get past those setbacks with guidance, methods to break plateaus and even solutions for and little slip-ups they may have. Getting past those hurdles is imperative to stay on course and ultimately getting to your goal.

At QWLC, we have all those bases covered. You will eat real food from grocery stores and restaurants that tastes great. You will get the one on one coaching and support to make any necessary adjustments to get you the maximum result. We will guide you each step of the way! You will not go it alone!

We have been giving our members real personalized
and customized plans for over 35 years.

You meet 1-on-1 with a weight loss expert who puts a lot into your customized plan – it is unique, specially developed based on your health assessment and lifestyle review.

Your plan builds off your strengths and ensures you have something you can stick with based on your working hours, favorite foods, etc.

  • Health History
  • Pinpoint the problem
  • Personal Weight Loss Timeline
  • Goal Setting
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Menu Planner

The personalized plan is important but not what makes it work. Success comes from the person to person support.

The only program where you can lose weight week after week without falling off track

Your coaches work with you one-on-one every day to make sure you stay in the game – they read your situation and react to all the forces than could take you off track. You can lose weight week after week without falling off track

4 Phases So You Keep it Off


Immediate Melt

In the first week, expect to lose at least 5 lbs.


Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss phase for steady weight loss until you hit goal



Stabilization phase so you stay at goal weight while off the program



Maintenance phase to learn how to keep it off


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